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With the synergy of both digital sounds and voices, together with the acoustic tone and touch. At the touch of a button comes the ability to experience both in this fantastic new breed of piano from Yamaha!

The Yamaha Transacoustic piano combines the ability to produce multiple sounds and voices with the expression and touch you can only get on an acoustic piano. At the touch of a button comes the ability to have both without the need for any external computer or audio equipment!

Transacoustic technology uses the pianos soundboard to resonate the sounds turning the piano into a giant speaker producing immense sounds at any volume!

Available on a variety of Yamaha pianos, this technology enables the pianist to control the volume of the piano,in both acoustic and digital modes. Change the sounds and voices through the incredible inbuilt synthesiser without the need of speakers!

The piano also has the ability to be muted, enabling a silent facility for practicing at night or to simply benefit from the tremendous sampled CFX sounds through headphones!

As premium UK Yamaha dealers, Coach House Pianos are able to offer the Yamaha Transacoustic piano at the best price available! Call us for more information on this incredible new product! 01792 584584


New Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano

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Experience the world’s greatest music – In your own home!

The Yamaha Disklavier system is an acoustic piano with an incredible self playing option ideal for the home or commercial venues!

As well as being a class leading acoustic instrument the Yamaha Disklavier performs like no other. With premium record facilities to capture live performances, you can store your favourite music in the internal hard drive, the Yamaha Disklavier system will both inspire and entertain at the touch of a button.

Open up a whole new world of musical possibilities with the Yamaha Disklavier.

Available in both upright piano and grand piano models

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