Buy a Yamaha U1 Piano from just £2495

Buy a Used Yamaha U1 Upright piano from just £2495! – Lowest price in the UK!

100% Genuine Yamaha U1 Pianos – 5 Year Guarantee – Free first tuning – Free Home Delivery

Coach House Pianos are PREMIUM Yamaha dealers. With 30 years experience selling the finest Yamaha pianos all around the country! Our U1 pianos all come with our own 5 year guarantee for peace of mind. With the largest display of new and used pianos in the country we are able to offer the best possible prices on new and used Yamaha U1 pianos.

Yamaha U1 Upright Piano Just £2495 – Circa 1980

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Buying a Used Yamaha U1 Piano (Non Yamaha Reconditioned)

Yamaha U1 piano bannerWelcome to Coach House Pianos dedicated Yamaha U1 Piano Page. To view our U1 pianos for sale click here.

With one of the largest display of new and used Yamaha pianos in the country, Coach House Pianos are constantly updating our website with the finest quality pianos at the best prices! please call us to discuss your requirements and we will guaranty to provide you with the finest service and price on your new Yamaha piano.

Should you live far away please ask us for a video demo of one of our pianos and we can happily choose a piano for you.

When buying a used Yamaha U1 or U3 upright piano it is vital to know as much about the piano as possible!

Many pianos can look in pristine condition! From the casework to the condition of the hammers and action. Its very difficult to asses the quality of a piano especially when its had so much restoration work done to it. Quite often an “honest” piano can be a better investment.

By “honest” we mean its in genuine used condition and  had little to no work done to it. its clear to see how the instrument has been used and treated.

Yamaha U1 pianos are a very hard wearing instrument, they’re commonly used in professional environments. As this is the case with many used U1 pianos they are commonly very worn and tired looking.

With this in mind, its very common for our pianos to undergo a full restoration. On completion the pianos will look and feel as good as new! In-fact after a full Yamaha restoration its very difficult to differentiate between a new and a used U1 Piano!

When buying a Yamaha U1 Piano, We suggest comparing the instrument to a genuine Yamaha model as in most cases there is little difference with the price but a huge difference with the quality of the instrument. Quite often foreign parts are used to make restoration more affordable, however this will greatly affect the performance of the piano and also the re-sale value when assessed by an experienced Yamaha dealer.

(U) Used U1 and logoOur pianos whether they be fully factory restored by Yamaha, internally restored by ourselves or in original “honest” condition you can be sure that the parts used in the instrument will always be 100% genuine Yamaha! therefore you will be investing in a genuine Yamaha Piano which will greatly surpass the playing and performance of a non genuine model.

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Buy a used Yamaha U1 Piano – Yamaha Factory Reconditioned

Choosing a Yamaha U1 piano is easier than you may think…

Did you know that Yamaha have their own dedicated factory to recondition their pre owned U1 piano models?

As with a brand new U1 piano, these pianos come complete with a 5 year warranty and are sold through Coach House Pianos the UK’s premium Yamaha piano dealer!

Each Yamaha reconditioned U1 piano comes complete with its own certificate of restoration authenticity for total peace of mind.

yamaha certificate and mag glassyamaha_approved-certificate_CHP

Yamaha Authenticity Certificate

The certificate states:

“Yamaha – Refurbished Used Piano:

Model U1 Serial number 366***** has been specially refurbished by highly skilled artisans of Yamaha Piano Service Corporation, a subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation in Japan, using genuine parts both internally and externally”

U1 Reconditioned Pianos at Coach House Pianos

At Coach House we have a large selection of Certified Yamaha reconditioned pianos in our showrooms. We would happily welcome you to inspect all areas and components of our Yamaha U1 pianos. Each piano comes with its own certificate to verify its restoration history. At Coach House Pianos we can offer you 100% peace of mind when purchasing one of our Yamaha U1 pianos, both Yamaha reconditioned.

All of our pianos are 100% genuine with the guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with your piano for decades to come!

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Try The New Yamaha Transacoustic Piano in store

Transacoustic blog Banner-01

With the synergy of both digital sounds and voices, together with the acoustic tone and touch. At the touch of a button comes the ability to experience both in this fantastic new breed of piano from Yamaha!

The Yamaha Transacoustic piano combines the ability to produce multiple sounds and voices with the expression and touch you can only get on an acoustic piano. At the touch of a button comes the ability to have both without the need for any external computer or audio equipment!

Transacoustic technology uses the pianos soundboard to resonate the sounds turning the piano into a giant speaker producing immense sounds at any volume!

Available on a variety of Yamaha pianos, this technology enables the pianist to control the volume of the piano,in both acoustic and digital modes. Change the sounds and voices through the incredible inbuilt synthesiser without the need of speakers!

The piano also has the ability to be muted, enabling a silent facility for practicing at night or to simply benefit from the tremendous sampled CFX sounds through headphones!

As premium UK Yamaha dealers, Coach House Pianos are able to offer the Yamaha Transacoustic piano at the best price available! Call us for more information on this incredible new product! 01792 584584


New Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano

White disklavier blog image_MG_8741

Experience the world’s greatest music – In your own home!

The Yamaha Disklavier system is an acoustic piano with an incredible self playing option ideal for the home or commercial venues!

As well as being a class leading acoustic instrument the Yamaha Disklavier performs like no other. With premium record facilities to capture live performances, you can store your favourite music in the internal hard drive, the Yamaha Disklavier system will both inspire and entertain at the touch of a button.

Open up a whole new world of musical possibilities with the Yamaha Disklavier.

Available in both upright piano and grand piano models

Call 01792 584584 for for information

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Yamaha-Disklavier-Coach House Pianos

Coach House – Upgrade Your Piano!

Yamaha silence is golden - coach house pianosAt Coach House we are very happy to assist in your piano upgrade! Whatever the value of your current piano we can offer you the best part exchange price against a new or used Yamaha piano.

With the largest display of new and used pianos on display, Coach House are able to offer even the most discerning pianist the freedom to choose from our exceptional range of Yamaha upright pianos.

CHP Row of Yamaha pianos logo smallWith Yamaha’s new ‘silence is golden’ offer, theres never been a better time to upgrade your current instrument for a brand new silent piano system – In addition to being a superb acoustic piano the new Yamaha ‘Silent system’ offers the incredible ability to play silent through the integrated headphone socket as well as being able to use the ‘midi’ output to feed the sound to a recording facility or computer! Enabling limitless creativity and development!

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Used Yamaha U1 Piano for sale – Circa 1974 – 5 Year Warrany

yamaha_u1_-_5_year_yamaha_warranty_2For Sale: Used Yamaha U1 Piano for sale – Circa 1974 – Reconditioned by Yamaha and includes a 5 year Yamaha warranty 

This is a fine example of a Yamaha U1 upright piano in polished ebony. Recently restored by Yamaha and comes complete with a Yamaha 5 year warranty!

This Yamaha U1 is not to be compared to non Yamaha refurbished instruments! This instrument will only consist of genuine Yamaha parts and worked on by trained Yamaha staff. Coach House Pianos are Premium Yamaha dealers and will only ever use the finest Yamaha parts regulated by authorised and trained Yamaha technicians!

This piano offers a tremendous tone and touch you’d expect from such a fine instrument. With a medium to bright sound, its a very versatile piano suitable for all music types! As with all Yamaha reconditioned pianos this instrument is in immaculate condition and would almost pass as a brand new Yamaha U1..!

This is a fantastic price for such an incredible piano, save your self £££’s compared to a new Yamaha U1 which retails at over £7000! Buy this reconditioned Yamaha U1 for just £3295 including free delivery* and free first tuning!

View this and many other stunning Yamaha reconditioned U1 pianos in our Premium Yamaha showrooms
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Welcome to Coach House pianos dedicated Yamaha U1 piano page

This is a new facility designed to assist in choosing your new Yamaha U1 upright piano.

At Coach House we have a full range of new and used Yamaha pianos so please don’t hesitate to contact us for information on any of the Yamaha piano range.

In addition to being premium dealers of the worlds finest pianos, Coach house have a specialist department dedicated to providing expert advise and information on the entire Yamaha range.

Whether it be a compact upright piano, professional height upright piano, an upright with a silent system or a fantastic new Transacoustic® piano, all of our upright pianos come with the finest advise and peace of mind, ensuring all our customers are 100% delighted with their piano or your money back!

U1 logo SQ 200px

This website is dedicated to the worlds most popular Upright acoustic piano, the Yamaha U1.

With expert advise on choosing your new piano and tips on what to look for in the purchase, this site will assist you in a guided and easy to follow step by step guid to buying a new or used Yamaha U1 upright piano.


At Coach House pianos we are able to offer the finest pianos for schools, colleges and academies. If you are looking to upgrade your current instruments(s) We are happy to arrange an evaluation ensuring we find the best possible deal for you!

Ask us about our 0% finance, lease or long term hire options.

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Used Yamaha U1 Upright Piano for sale – Circa 1984

yamaha-u1-upright-piano-2_1Used Yamaha U1 Upright Piano – Circa 1984

This fantastic Yamaha U1 has been very well cared for its entire life with very little use! This is a very ‘honest U1 piano’ and is in 100% natural condition commensurate with its age! A fine example of a Yamaha U1 which produces a medium to mellow tone – Unusual for a Yamaha U1. This Yamaha U1 piano comes with our 5 year showroom warranty for extra peace of mind. Includes free delivery and free first tuning. For more information Click here to view this piano on our website.

Coach House Pianos are the UK’s Premium Yamaha Piano specialist, we guarantee to provide the finest service and prices available. When your looking for a Yamaha U1 piano contact us for our best prices!

UK Piano Delivery Manchester , Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds and more

Piano deliveryFree UK Piano Delivery: 

Coach House Pianos are One of the UK’s largest piano suppliers in the country so we’re regularly coving the whole of the UK delivering pianos. Travelling to London, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

Coach House pianos are a nationwide piano dealership!

So whether you live in London or Leeds, with a free piano delivery service and a 100% no questions asked returns guarantee, Coach House Pianos can offer the best possible price and delivery service on your next piano, part exchange on your old piano, or delivery of your first piano!

Call us today to see how we can help. 01792 584 584

Coach House Pianos Yamaha piano purchase includes:

  1. 5 year guarantee
  2. Free Nationwide Delivery (Stairs/Steps Chargeable)
  3. Matching adjustable piano stool
  4. 14 day money back guarantee
  5. Free disposal of your old piano
  6. Free 1st tuning
  7. Free Lock key

Should you require any further advice or assistance please don’t hesitate to contact our team. 01792 584584 or visit our Website

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